I need help with the @randomperson code

So I just learned about the @randomperson code bit I don’t know how to use it. I want like 8 people in a scene and I found out that you don’t have to customize the characters but it keeps saying ‘@randomperson stands screen center is not a valid command’. Can someone explain how to use the @randomperson code please.

Where did you learn this?
I know that if you put in the name of a character you have not created the system will generate a one for you.

I saw it on here but they didn’t explain very well on how to use it.

Try writing the name in All Caps

I never heared about a code “randomperson”

Maybe you re mixing it up with the fact that you can write characters without creating them before because the script recognizes the characters do not exist and it will offer you it will create them for you.

How ever you have to use big letters when creating character.

So basicly you write something like:
@CHAR1 stands screen center
And if you do not have created CHAR1 (or any other name) after you wil save it script will ofer you to create the characters for you.

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