I need help with the selfie female 1 overlay

Can anyone tell me how to do the selfie female 1 overlay in a background

Do you have an example of what you want?

Like a character face time another character in the mod apartment

Well you either have to create a png, or get someone to create it for you, and then upload it by going to the art catalog and selecting “uploaded to my account” on the drop down menu.

Oh okay so I can’t use the episode ones

Well if you’ve found something you like on episode use it. However, if you want something customised/custom-made, then you’ll have to upload it.

Ok so who can I ask to customize it

Art Resources
There are many threads under this category, where you can request.

Joseph Evans has a tutorial on how to use this overlay. Search his videos on YouTube. The usual coding for this would be-
@CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR moves to layer 0

Oh ok

So like int.mod apartment-day with selfie female 1 at layer 1

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Yes. And your character in the FaceTime video would be at layer 0 :slight_smile:

Ok how can I do it with two characters

If you want two characters in the video just have one at layer 0 and one at layer -1 as long as the layer of the characters is lower than the selfie overlay


How to make them appear in the face time

Joseph’s tutorial on overlays, he explains the selfie overlay in this one (at around 5mins in)

I watch it I meant like where the characters are in different backgrounds like one character is far away and the one is somewhere else

Like in this overlay

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