I need help with the title!

Hello there!

Yes, I’m just another “writer” who can’t find the perfect title. (hey, it rhymes!) So, usually I list a bunch of words that just come up to my mind in connection with my story. (nouns, adjectives, verbs…etc.) But this time, I’m stuck and I can’t move forward.

The story will be about twins (Spencer (f) and Samuel (m) Abrams) that both work in the justice system (Spencer as a district attorney and Samuel is a detective). The plot will be focused on their relationship, a big criminal case and of course, I can not possibly leave out romance.

MC: both of the Abrams (with the exceptions of the name, they’ll be customizable)
genre: comedy/thriller with some romance
place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
other info: The twins tend to break rules and follow their intention. They always go on cringeworthy dates just because (last time I checked it was still funny… right? :neutral_face:). Continuous fights and debates over the most irrelevant things between the two. Sam is flirty as hell, he is more outgoing and mischievous, while Spence is a workaholic, sarcastic and no one should stand between she and her beloved white wine (unless they want a bullet in their back).

So far I’ve come up with these titles:
Double Trouble (I know…)
Twice the Fun, Twice the Pleasure OR Double the Fun, Double the Pleasure
Partners in Crime (I KNOW… but literally…)
The Watermelon Solution (don’t even ask)
Army of Two
Bloodbound (I’m pretty sure it was used before)
In The Name of Justice
Get lost, Abrams!

Thank you in advance for your ideas! :heart:

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Dangerous Duo
It’s a twin thing
?? idk LOL im so bad at titles

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Lol I actually really like It’s a twin thing! Thank you :smile:

I would totally read a story called “The watermelon solution” HAHAHAH :rofl: I suck at coming up with titles so unfortunately I don’t have any ideas for you, but if it’s to any help I tend to gravitate towards more odd titles (such as the watermelon solution :wink:). If I were you I’d definitely go with something unique and eye catching that makes people stop and think ”hey, what the heck is this story about?”. Honestly I think it’s debatable wether the title needs to make sense or not, that’s what we have the description for right? Anyways, I realize that this maybe isn’t very helpful, but good luck with your story!:revolving_hearts:

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Oh lol, that’s good to know, :sweat_smile: I honestly don’t know how low my caffeine level was when this came to my mind but I embraced it anyway. On the other hand, your feedback is actually really helpful! (One of my favourite movies’ title: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared) so I guess unique and wtf titles have their own ways just as you summed it up. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Are you Swedish or have people outside of Sweden actually heard of this movie too? :thinking: I don’t know about other people but personally if I would see a story named “Scissors” or something bizarre like that I would immediately click on it :joy:

I’m not Swedish actually, but I live in Europe and in my country (or at least in the capital) people love this movie (HERBERT EINSTEIN is a national treasure) and I’ve seen it several times already. We have a synchronized version of it as well. :grin:

I’m totally on board with you. I love strange and unique titles, but I’m not sure how other people would react. I can’t imagine myself continuously answer this question: So what’s up with the watermelons dude?

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Ooh, that’s so cool. I honestly don’t know how the outside world see Swedish movies, personally I can’t stand them :persevere: hehe don’t @ me

Sameeee! Maybe you could do a poll to ask people which titles they are most drawn to, just a lil social experiment :rofl:

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Thank you, this will be the perfect solution (I mean, the poll). Tho mybe I’ll use the Birdman recipe:
Dangerous Duo or the accidental success of the watermelon solution :smiley:

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Sounds great :+1:t4: you know what I’ll be voting for hehe