I need help! With the usernames situations

what if you have more then 3 choices and you are going to use gains?? What do i do?

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In each choice put a gain, and then the you use if, elif (as many times as you need), and to finish else

well i did else for my last choice and it said unexpected expression?

Can you send a picture of your script?

ohhhhhhh ok got it :slight_smile:

how about if you neeed to put a character in a layer?

Joseph Evans i tried your template for LL female customize but it didn’t work, it said error no bodycolour called fair gold exist???

That template is now outdated. You can use @Dara.Amarie’s template here:

I is confusion


it says unepected elif??? questions on what does that mean

You need to close the first bracket!
If “Lie to him” {
LUIS (laugh_crackup)
Really Hailey!
I can se your name on your work [NAME]

i have done that but now the error says that unexpected block end??

Can you send a screenshot?

You may need to put a space between the if and the "

you didn’t use gains nor naming the choice method so it won’t work. Besides you have many different errors.

then what do i do??

send me your script, I’ll help you