I need help! With the usernames situations


For Limelight you have to add Props, more about it here:


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You need to use props : @add PROPNAME to CHARACTER

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how about if you make another episode, how do you keep the readers name for the characters,
like do i needa write something

No you just keep using NAME to talk about him. By the way to name the character in dialog use [NAME] (with the brackets).

so if there was another character they named i would use [NAME]
and i would also use [NAME] on the continuing character from the other episode

If there is another character, you need to use another thing than NAME. You can instead use NAME2
That’s how it’d look like :
label first_name2_input
input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(NAME2)
if (NAME2 is “”) {
You do need a name.
goto first_name_input
} elif (NAME2 is “Put here a name the reader can’t choose”) {
Sorry, this name is already used in the story.
Please choose a new name.
goto first_name2_input
} else {

You would then refer in a dialog to this person as [NAME2]
eg :
Hi [NAME2]! Meet [NAME].

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How do you get someone already on the background before they show the background, like before someone enters and how do you take away the prop?

To remove the prop : @remove PROPNAME from CHARACTER
You can either use the spot or use the “stands screen center/right/left” command.
eg :
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@CHARACTER spot xyz in zone #
Then you can make your character enter.

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how about to make the lady shorter then the boy? How do you do that??

You use the spot
X would be the size, so you can put 1.240 for the girl and 1.280 for the boy for instance.

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howabout if like u had choices and you want the character to say the choice that they made?

if (yellow) {
I would like a yellow shirt
elif (green)
I would like a green shirt
else {
I would like an orange shirt

I just edited the if/elif part otherwise it would give an error :slight_smile:


okay so i previewed my episode on my laptop and ipad and it said the girls name on top of the speech bubble when the guy was speaking and now whenever the boy speaks it is the girls name, but the girls name is normal.

I did a overlay of a table and how do i make the character sit behind the table, the table is low

how do i do that? Im sorry if im asking too much questions

i love you guys for helping me out i really appreciate it!!

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what if you have more then 3 choices and you are going to use gains?? What do i do?

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In each choice put a gain, and then the you use if, elif (as many times as you need), and to finish else

well i did else for my last choice and it said unexpected expression?