I need help with this dinner scene

i want to make a dinner scene but i’m really out of idea how do i do what bg i use and i don’t wanna code more coz i really wanna finish this. can someone help me making this dinner scene for 6 people.
don’t worry i credit you! and follow you on ig.
it would be really great if someone helps. plz i really need it because i wanna release the chapter and this one is last scene in it. help with bg and overlay too i din’t find good one in episode portal.

But if you’re trying to release ASAP with a non-portal background/overlay, you know that it will take time to approve, right?

yeah i know i got no problem with it but i wanted to finish coding.

Uh, I can try my best to code your scene, just PM me the details.

okay tsym what kind of details?

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Character names, and if you need me to make a custom bg/overlay, then like some details/references for those.

Nahh nothing custom made any bg will work which suits the scene we can use overlay table from episode too. mc is LEAH 1st li Is ETHAN 2nd li is JAYDEN (he’ll come later to dinner table after a bit of chit chat between family) MC’s mom is just MOM. Ethan’s dad MR WATSON & stepmom MRS FORD.

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Okay, I’ll try to PM you later today with what I have. I’m in school rn so…

Ohhh okay tsym.
Have a nice day!

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