I need help with this error!

So, for customization, I’m using ink characters, by the way, it shows me this warning about avatar_0. Do I need to change that or something?

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what do you mean? can you screenshot the error?

Okay, so when I was screenshot the error, I refreshed it. I made some few changes here and there. But then somehow it showed me another error!

I think you need some sort of dialogue before the choice for example, you could change the script by having Vomit idle and then have vomit say “okay, customise me”

Okay, thnxs. Just a little note are you the author who wrote L.O.A.P?

Lol yeah I am

Lmao I loved the L.O.A.P.

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Thank you for reading and I’m happy that you enjoyed it💕

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@Sydney_H can you please close this topic?

cLOsED bY oP rEquEsT :smiley:.

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yOu JuSt rUiNeD tHe StReAk


@Sydney_H or @Nick, can please close this topic thanks <3