I need help with this it won't go away


Can u show more of the script

I can’t see where the script error is at in the SS but I think that it’s because “Stella +1” is the correct way to write it or “Stella -1”

Screenshot the place in the script that is tagged as an error and i’ll try to help :slight_smile:

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maybe you need to remove the space between “STELLA” and “=1” or ad a space after the = ?
sometimes spacing makes a difference

or maybe you need to write it like what the point score is as in if it is 1 then STELLA+1

But when i already put Stella +1 by the name and then later in the story it still the same error

They need to be inside parentheses ( )

if (STELLA = 1) {

} elif (STELLA = 2) {

} else {

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