I need help with this outfit choice! (SOLVED)



So I’m trying to make it so that my character Skylar can choose between wanting to dress up or keep it casual, then I want her to be able to have 3 outfit choices for each but I have no idea how to put choices within choices like this. I tried to code it how I think it should be but I keep getting script errors. Can someone please help me?


You have to use labels
Label main
What should I wear?
Choice “dress up” {
goto dress_up
} “stay casual” {
@CHAR changes into casual
goto main
redo main
goto next scene

label dress_up
Choosevan outfit?
Choice “Outfit 1” {
gain Outfit 1
}“Outfit 2” {
gain Outfit 2
} “Outfit 3” {
gain Outfit 3
goto dress_up
redo dress_up
goto next scene
It should look something like that⬆️


I didn’t even think of that. Thank you so much!


You’re welcome! If you need help let me know