I need help with this overlay resizing stuff

Alright guys I’m chillen here trying to do this scene and the overlay needed to be resized and moved obvi but i have no clue how to code it in here so I need y’alls help with with this!!

Check out:

Hope it helps :smile:

Thank you I’ll try to see if it does if not oof


If you still need help, let me know what your coordinates for the overlay (after you move the overlay around to the spot you want it to be) are and I’ll write it up for you so you can add it in ^^

This is the codes for it

INT. BED - DAY with BLANKET OVERLAY to 1.461 -12 -65 in zone 1 at layer 0

Is that all on the first line?

Yes : )

It’s all on one line.

Thank you sooooo much omg

No problem :wink:

Happy to have helped :smile:

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It worked!! Ahhh

@Sydney_H can you close this pwease and thank you!!

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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