I need help with this scene!

So I decided to make a thread about this because I wanted a lot of opinions lol.

Soo I’m writing a story that’s basically a mix between Jane Eyre and The Sound of Music.

All you really need to know is that Edith (MC) has become a governess for this rich single father, and he’s gone most of the time. He has two kids and they’re very mischievous and they’ve gone through many governesses.

The two kids are:
Laura - 7
William - 6

Laura is the instigator of the mischief and she’s a spitfire. She wants her dad back basically, which is why she does this. She also does this because all the governesses are terrible to them.
William is more shy and emotional, but goes along with his sisters schemes.

The butler is walking Edith to introduce her to the kids, and saying that they have this strict routine etc… and that the current governess will help guide her, when suddenly the current governess runs out saying how terrible the kids are.

The butler and Edith go in, and the Butler introduces her to the kids, and then the butler goes to chase after the other governess. I’m not sure what happens next or what the kids say to Edith.

William would probably be crying which I don’t know how Edith should react to that. Cuz it’d be weird for her to be overly comforting when she just met them.

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maybe Edith could be kind but overly comforting, maybe just ab brief sweet sentence that makes william feel a little better
Lauras a child so a childish insult about edith would probably work great, like you look smelly or something and she could rip or pull at her clothes maybe?

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That’s a good idea actually!

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