I need help with this script called vampire doctor

i need help its urgant i have been onj this for the past 2 week and still havant figuerd it out
i want this to be a girl who been bitten by a boy(vampire) she met at a party and he drank too much of her blood and the does some test results on her while she still ill and he find out she part worlf and she has nover herd this before when she wake up the doctor tell her they do some more test result but still says she part wolf then the doctor says she need some rest so stay in the guest bedroom
then the chapeter fished
in the nex one it will be previed and the nex part will happen she told to live to pick vampire worlf of cuse she will part human but she can pick all of it
pls help with this script

What is it that you need? Someone to code it for you?

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So is this a scene or a mini game template you’re saying?

If you need assistance with codes, could you send us your donacode?

Or are you looking for a template or something?