I need help with this story i'm writing

Hey guys i hope ya’ll are doing fine, so in my story the main character is wealthy and she gets blackmailed so she’s forced to get married but i need help on why that guys just showed up out of no where and want’s to marry her? like what would he gain from it? if you have any ideas i would appreciate it if you shared it with me :kissing_heart:


Every fucking story is about lust, so just make sure that your story isn’t about lust. Probably a golddigger or something wants her money or whatever. He wants to steal her money and then use it in any way he likes, in the process gets the woman arrested for something illegal the husband did, I don’t know.

The guys mag have a problem with the girl’s family that have a dark past

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Maybe he looks like he’s middle class, but secretly he’s very wealthy overseas and is involved in shady business or is a prince or something, but one day she caught the guy doing something shady/illegal and so he blackmails her into marrying him because he wanted to keep his identity secret and what she saw hidden, but she found out. so to make sure that she doesn’t say anything he blackmails her to marrying him so she keeps quiet.

hope this helps and if you want me to expand on the idea more just let me know and i can PM you here or dm you on instagram (@episode.shell)! :grin:

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I’d read that tho-

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