I need help with this thing or if they just deleted it off there

Hi, I been having the problem where I can’t see episodes on my phone is it because they remove it off android here is some screenshots if you don’t see what that problem is.

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They probably removed it :persevere:

It’s called Episode :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried that it’s still not there


Do you have another android device? Maybe you could try it on there to find out if they removed it.

OMG I’m sorry :sob:

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I can see sucks now i can’t go on episode. and this is my new phone too sadly.

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Oh. I’m so sorry.

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Thanks for your help anyways. I’ll try and contact someone and see if they removed it or not

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Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink:

If you want, I could try posting a story link and since you must download the app to view such, you could see if its in the store from there?

sure that would be nice

I’ll just send my link over…

I’m hoping this works, if not, you could try searching up “Episode Interactive” in your browser, as normally a download pop-up appears.

That is really crazy… I have an android device and it works there… Is yours like an old android or a newer one???

Newer i just got the phone like a week ago

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That is so weird… You would think a newer one would have it… But like @KieraC.writes said, if you can’t find it on the app store just type in Episode Interactive on google and then it says “Download on mobile”… Maybe that’ll work…

Yeah i’ll try it out

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If you install the Demi Lovato one, will that install all of Episode?