I need help with this unexpected string!

I need help as the title says!

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It looks like you forgot a label and a left curly bracket below “DONE.” :thinking:

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can u show an example?

Of what I mean by my answer?

yes please!

It look incomplete to me. Can you describe what are you trying to code? Is it a choice?
Then I think you need to add
choice “Done”{

It’s for a Q&A because their on a friend" date

here’s my code

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then I think you forgot to use } before “Done”

I tried that and It didn’t work!

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Let me send you my code then check it yourself

} “I’m done reading.” {

Are you sure you're done reading?

“Yes, I’m done.” {
} “No, take me back.” {
goto QandA

Oh you haven’t add NARRATOR on line 567

could I use this code?

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Yeah ofc

OHHH Let me check

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It still didn’t work

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Okay so have you added label?

yeah! it’s the goto ask_Jackson

label ask_Jackson

Checkout the first line of my screenshot… that kind of label. You have to put the label first before the scene where you want to send the reader

yeah I did that I put the label ask_Jackson cause that’s where they go after asking a question and It was working fine before I added the done choice