I need help with this?

Hello all! Idk if I used the right Topic (General Chat) but It’s whatever. I need help with the Guidelines, and want people their opinions.
I’ve read the Guidelines but I don’t really understand it I guess?
So I’ve got a few questions in mind:

  • Can you write about drugs, intimate scenes (PG 13 tho) and can you write about gangs (Non problematic ofc)?
    These are some questions I have for now.
    But these are just things I’m wondering because there are a lot of stories I’ve read on the app that include these topics, but when I read the Guidelines I see you can NOT write about them?? Maybe It’s just me. But I’ve just been wondering.

It would be nice if people can answer my questions :slight_smile: and please don’t be scared to give your opinions.

And if you would include these things… how would you write it? :thinking:

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Haai Kitch,

Sometimes topics like these are used in stories in a descrete way because you don’t know which kind of audience you will pull. So writing about the things you mentioned is not allowed in a concrete/clear way, but in a discrete way in which not everyone will understand is possible.
(So don’t write the full name of the drug as an example.)

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Aaah!! Thank you for replying :blush:
So you can actually write about it, but not TOO much in detail? (It would be weird anyway lol)

I agree with this tbh, i think its better to be safe but ive never had a problem mentioning drugs by name in my story, you just cant romaticize them, so like in mine my serial killer drugs people and in that context i think its fine, ive never been flagged for it, but you had a drug addict character i wouldnt mention any names
as for sexual scenes if they have clothes on and its not obvious in any way you should be fine


Thank you for your opinion <3, it really helps
Is your story already published? I would love to support :slight_smile:

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It is! Thank you so much <3
its called Time is Deadly

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