I need help with title ideas and overall ideas

So, my story is about a famous actor , and the MC becoming an actor , they get put into one (romance) movie together , they have to act out love scenes and they slowly fall in love with each other throughout the creation of the movie. maybe he transfers to her school(?) or maybe hes friends with the MC’s brother(?) They keep coincidentailly meeting each other . At first the MC isint very fond of the famous actor but they are forced to spent time together so she ends up falling in love.She has judgements of him as hes known to be self-centered/man wh*re. But he has never done anything with a girl and has never been in love.maybe he tells her and one of the characters over hears and spreads it around and hes never told anyone so he thinks she spread it around and he gets mad at her and distances himself and she finds out who spread it and proves it to him? (I’ll also make some kind of plot including her fathers death.)


its my first time writing an episode story and i have a hard time making story lines >.< So if you think it is too cliche or the story line isint too interesting please give me any ideas or any plot line ideas :smiley:



It’s not too cliche! Sounds pretty original :slight_smile:
A plot twist can be this:
The MC’s father gets very sick. The filmmakers decide to get a backup for the MC, to take her place because she’s been so busy with caring for her dad… and that person has to perform in love scenes too. And that person turns out to be the LI’s ex-girlfriend, who wants him back! (I know you said that he’s never been in love before, so if you want you can change her to some random fangirl who can’t take her eyes off him.) She really gets in the way if their relationship and is always getting angry at the MC. She also says that the MC “stole” her boyfriend, even though they broke up a while ago.


OMG thank you so much <333 That is an amazing idea! i am defintely going to use that. Would you like any credits for helping me out? :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t need to credit me unless you want to. You can use my forums: @juliewrites

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Okay! TYSMMMM :))))

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i’m making a story where basically in a summary a girl becomes an actor and is in a movie with the most famous actor , she isint very fond of him at first but they are made to spent time with each other ( since they’re making a movie ) and the movie has love scenes and they start falling for each other until her dad gets sick and she has to care for her dad and her acting spot is taken by the famous actors ex ( the ex also planned on making her father sick to get this role ) she then accuses the mc of stealing her “boyfriend” even though they broke up . at the end the father gets better and the mc gets back to her acting and the ex is kicked because everyone finds out it what she did , and the mc and LI fall in love ( there will be more it’s just a short summary )

because idk what to call it


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Maybe called Falling For you?

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Love After Lies

Because Of You

False Acting (Idk i just thought of that)

uhh thats it im not good at creating titles either


Poisonous Heart


Pretend Love maybe because they’re acting at first?


Act of love

Theatrical love

Love In the Act

Hope u like them :slight_smile:

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I like this one lol


Maybe call it

Terms of Endearment

Famously in Love

Lying for Love

Not to Hot

Love in Disguise

Fighting for him

Pretend is only temporary

:slightly_smiling_face: Hope you like them! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Np hun, good luck on your story it sounds like its gonna be a popular story!

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