I need help with title ideas


Guys I need help with titles please help guys the titles can be of any type of genres i’ll be picking 5 that i like then i’ll do a poll so guys please help me I’ll also mention your guys in my story i’ll give you guys credit for helping me


I am happy to help
Anyone can use these ideas!

The way we once Met
Music of the heart
Attached at heart

Silent screams
Millions Lies



I like them thanks now would you like to come up in my story if so what name would you like and how would you like to look like limelight edition btw


of course I would like to be in your story. Are you writing it now? or haven’t you started yet?

Name: Desire
Skin tone: neutral 05
face: diamond
hair: classic bob (grey)
brow: round thick (brown)
eye: female generic (cool grey)
nose: round broad
lips: full round pouty (match the skin tone)
clothing: your choice!


well right now am doing the characters first so anyone who helps me come up with ideas or covers/backgrounds/splashes will come up so the can have credit and also have a small role


oh awesome, good luck with the story!


If you need splashes, backgrounds, covers and all still I can help you no credit needed, Examples Here…


Moved to Share Feedback. :wink:


Did you already pick?