I need help with titles!

Hey guys! I need a bit of help with a story title for my upcoming story!

Description: Milly is a high school all star sports player, she plays football, baseball, soccer and basketball. Her dream is to get the sports scholarship to her dream college.

The story is mainly about love and sports but I can’t seem to find a good title for it! If anyone has any ideas on what the title could be, please feel free to comment below because I’m really struggling on this one!

Thanks y’all!


From what I’ve seen, there are two kinds of titles:

  • Proper noun titles (The Doberman, Galactic Game)
  • Plot summary titles (obvious ones like I Married a Millionaire or My Alien Lover, but plenty are more subtle)

Proper noun titles are easier, but the only one I think that could work for that story is possibly the school team name, ie. “Eagles.”

If you don’t already have a team name, you could incorporate both title types in a clever way, ie. “Flying with Eagles” or “Chasing Lions.”

If you’d rather a more obvious title, it could be a sports line, to catch the eye of readers who like sports. I don’t like sports at all, so I don’t have many examples of this, “Foul Ball,” “Bases Loaded,” “Touchdown,” something like that lol.


Get Your Head in The Game
Suit Up
Jersey Tales
The Game of Love
Winning My/Your/His/Her Heart


Sports of Lust
Mistress of Sports
Milly & Love
Scholarship on Fire
Sports Spindle
Sense and Sensuous
Love & Sports
Love Game

Tell me if you use one of mine! I really want to see his your story turns out. ( No Credit needed. )

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I actually really like Love Game! I think I’ll use that :slight_smile:

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