I need help with transitions in my story

Hello everyone!

I just strated to write my first story and… well I’m kinda lost.

I have my character (Beth) running in the woods, escaping from someone, until she trips and falls.

I use a looping background while she is running, and then I place her in the ground with an animation (idle_lay_exhausted_loop) and the background in that scene is not looping anymore.

Here is my problem. This are my commands

@BETH is run_fall

sound body_drop

@transition fade out black


The problem is the transition in kinda slow, so the background keeps looping a few seconds while my character is already in the ground.

I need a way to make a CUT in that scene, and then showing the background that is not in loop.

maybe you can try changinf the background before she falls and just have her fall in the new scene, that way it wont keep looping for those extra seconda

try writing @transition fade out black in 0.5 (no need of the bold)
or as many seconds as you want it to last. see it on the portal, it will help you see how long you need it