I NEED HELP WITH TRANSITIONS. Please can anyone help me

what do you type to exit the scene in a transition in black like full stop transition just like black screen but in 0 sec

could you explain a little more? I’m a bit confused, do you want it to fade out black in 0 seconds?

yes please

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just say @transition fade out black

I think it still defaults at 1 second with that code.

OP, you could use a black box overlay at 640 x 1136 (1 zone width x height), set it’s opacity at 0 to start with then when you want the screen to black out, just use &overlay BLACKBOX opacity 1 and it instantly pops up and blacks out the zone- then you can choose to use @transition fade out black and move to your next scene.


If you want to immediately cut to black, just change the background to the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background.


Thank you

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thank you

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