I Need Help With Writing My First Story



I just finished the first episode of my very first story a week ago. But I’m not sure if the whole episode’s plot flows together! Please, I need someone with experience or at least who knows what they’re doing! This isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem!


Hi there! So, I’m currently writing my own story (I’ll send you the script if you wish) and I’ll help you if you want! But first, you’ll have to send a brief description of what your story is about.


Yeah, that would be perfect the description of my story is:
“What Will Happen After 15-year-old Emma Gives Birth To Her Twin Daughters, Isabella And Hope, Will She Find Happiness??”


Ooh that sounds good. What genre are you aiming for your story?




Ok, lots of that?


Yeah, But I’ve Never Been A Writer Before! So I Really Do Need Help Making Sure The Plot Of Each Episode Flows With Itself & The Main Story line!


Ok, I’m currently writing my first story too so I feel your pain, but I normally have a brief plan of what’s going to happen in each episode, for example:
Episode 1; intro to Emma and her average life then something like ‘this is what my life was like, before I made the biggest mistake.’ then cut to her sleeping with some stranger at a party wasted then say what her life is like now.
At least then you have a basic plan.


Thanks, You’re Really Nice To Be Helping Me!


It’s fine! If you need anything else don’t hesitate to contact me via DM or Instagram (epy.kaleidoscope)


What’s Weird Is, Right Now… The Episode Ends With Felix (Emma’s Crush) Asking Emma Out On A Date And Emma Reacting Shocked! Ha ha, And In The Beginning I Even Resorted To Emma’s Mom Going Into Labor… Is That Goofy?


Not at all! It just goes to show how young Emma really is


So, I’m Guessing That Was A Good Move For The First Episode?


Very! You’ve got a good plot going and storyline, that’s the start to a good writer :slight_smile:


You’re So Sweet! Thanks For The Help!


No problem!


One Last Thing For Now, Roughly Around Which Episode Should I Introduce The Actual Pregnancy?? And Here’s A Screenshot Of My First Scene In My Second Episode


I could help I really don’t mind!:blush::blush:


That Would Be So Cool! Honestly I Feel Like I Need All The Help I Can Get!


Hmm… maybe Episode 3?