I Need Help With Writing My First Story

Sorry that I was away for a while my hairdresser came to my house to put on some crotchet

Thanks! And Don’t Hesitate To Ask For My Help If You need it. And It’s Fine I Understand

Idk why but it never shows me if anyone has replied to me so I always have to go on writer forum app to see of I have new msgs also your idea seems nice sorry that I’m having to edit this it says new users r only allowed to use 3 reply limits which is weird cause I’m not new… anyway the necklace idea seems nice you should do it and she should say yes but let her be hesitant and then Felix realises and then she starts laughing and says YES YES YES!

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Sorry I’ve been gone for a while…party planning May 3rd was my birthday I can see that I’ve missed a lot…hope you haven’t replaced me​:slight_smile::thinking:

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Of course not! But I Am On Episode 3 Now! What Should Episode 3 Be Called? Also, Happy Late Birthday!

Hey, just a heads up:

From this post :

Additionally, we do not allow romantic stories about teenagers under the age of 16 and no stories that focus on children under the age of 13. If there are romantic stories about children under the age of 16, please report them to us.

You might want to think about making your characters 16? I believe there have been stories banned in the past because the characters were 15 and pregnant.

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Thanks I’ll Change Her Age Now!

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Is It Normal For A Speech Bubble to be This Low?

What If I Add a scene where she’s, of course, throwing up in the bathroom.
Maybe a scene of going to school. A scene of going to the doctors & then she finds out at the end. In Episode 3?

Maybe you should put your speech bubble higher :slight_smile:
But I love the look of the characters & that scene.

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Yea so episode 3 she finds out she preggers vomits starts craving mood swings then Felix takes her to the docs and they find out and then she thinks about abortion

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Diamond? Have You… Lost Interest In Helping Me? :frowning_face: If So, Just Tell Me And I’ll Stop Bothering You…

No of course now I downloaded the forums but I can’t use it on weekdays and weekends that why

I can’t use my computer on weekdays only weekends*

So have you done the part when she thinks about abortian


Yes, But I’ll Tell You How It Goes!

NURSE: Would you like to consider having an abortion?
@EMMA stands screen center AND EMMA faces right AND EMMA is stand_up
EMMA (idle_sad)
(Of course I would…)
EMMA (talk_handsonhips)
No, I want to keep the baby.
NURSE (talk_think)
Are you sure.
EMMA (talk_gossip)
We’re sure.
@EMMA faces left
EMMA (talk_flirt)
Right babe?
FELIX (talk_reassure)
@EMMA faces left
NURSE (talk_arms_crossed)
Then I’ll see you in 6 months for your ultrasound?
@EMMA is nod_loop AND FELIX is nod_loop
@pause for 2
@EMMA exits left AND FELIX exits left

Where Should I Go From Here?

How Far Along Should Emma Be? 4 Weeks? Or 2 Weeks? And When Should She Have Her First Ultrasound? Should It Be In 6 Months?