I Need Help With Writing My First Story

Are you also down to help me? I know that it’s your first and it’s my third but I already feel like your an experienced writer it would be nice tp get to help someone while someone helps me


Cool…so what do you want to focus on at the moment?

Well… Making Sure The Plot Of Each Episode Follows The Storyline.

I’m not trying to interrupt you guys but…why not say in episode 5 so that the readers can be daunting on the moment like waiting for the part plus you don’t want to introduce the pregnancy too early because then it really want make sense because we are now beginning to know Felix and emma

Good Point

Always trying to help a fellow author who has started I remember the first story I wrote it was simply AWFUL!!!

Ugh! Tell Me About It! Especially The Constant Stress!

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Girl! You understand mah pain

Btw is the screenshot you sent for the first episode because of it is try and move it to second

For the first episode it should just be a brief get to know the characters section and you should tell them about Felix then as spiralkaleidoscope said you should act like they where drunk for the second then on third they should meet up and say that each other looks familiar then they remember what happened for the third episode you should start showing signs of pregnancy for example Emma started to feel sick and some cravings a bit more lazy THEN for the fourth Felix tells her that they should take a test then they find out moving on for a while on episode six ( you can make up whatever you want for episode 5 for instance them telling their parents ) so for episode 6 they find out they r having twin daughter Isabella and hope (I think that’s what you named them not sure though )

I meant that on the second they where drunk then they had you know what :wink:

Then once you’ve written all of that we should decide what will happen next

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Nice! I Just Got An Idea! What If… After Their Dinner Date They Go To Felix’s House And His Brother (Who Hates Emma) Offers Them A Few Glasses Of Margarita And A Room And That’s Where It Happens!

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Sure thats a great idea… I think I know a way how he hares her because ummm Felix past ex cheated on him twice and he thinks that Emma is the same

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Welp I’ve given you a plan you start typing!!! Also when u publish this don’t forget to mention me as a second author ( I’m joking…but I would appreciate it HA HA HA!)

You should leave the dinner date for ummm…second yah but it shouldn’t be dinner it should be like a club ( TOP TIP:try and think outside the box)

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Awesome! Now, I need to get to work! Also, After Scene 1 Should I Jump Straight Into The Night Of The Date Or Ease Into It By Showing How Nervous And Excited Emma Is?

Hmmmm…dont show how excited but try and create a section where she is thinking cause she only just met him 48hrs ago and what she’s going to wear and like whether he’s gonna like her