I Need Help With Writing My First Story

I can’t use my computer on weekdays only weekends*

So have you done the part when she thinks about abortian


Yes, But I’ll Tell You How It Goes!

NURSE: Would you like to consider having an abortion?
@EMMA stands screen center AND EMMA faces right AND EMMA is stand_up
EMMA (idle_sad)
(Of course I would…)
EMMA (talk_handsonhips)
No, I want to keep the baby.
NURSE (talk_think)
Are you sure.
EMMA (talk_gossip)
We’re sure.
@EMMA faces left
EMMA (talk_flirt)
Right babe?
FELIX (talk_reassure)
@EMMA faces left
NURSE (talk_arms_crossed)
Then I’ll see you in 6 months for your ultrasound?
@EMMA is nod_loop AND FELIX is nod_loop
@pause for 2
@EMMA exits left AND FELIX exits left

Where Should I Go From Here?

How Far Along Should Emma Be? 4 Weeks? Or 2 Weeks? And When Should She Have Her First Ultrasound? Should It Be In 6 Months?

I’d say try and have it as early as possible to show the shock of having a child hasn’t kicked in yet and she can freak out in the middle of the ultrasound or check-up :slight_smile:

NO NO NO…soz for caps the ultrasound shouldn’t be at 6 months her first one should be at 11 weeks then her next one is 4 months when she finds out the gender then a few episode later the doctor says she should take some pills because she has high blood pressure and that if she doesn’t do that she could lose the baby

Alright, So… Which Episode Should The Baby Bump Start To Show??


Just came back from church

What Should Be Next? They Just Headed To The Ultrasound

@Allie_Diamond_Epy Your story may sound more appealing if you reword your description:
“Emma, only 16, just had twins. Now, confused and alone, she’s looking for happiness. Will she ever find it?”

If it’s a normal sentence, capitalization on every noun, adjective, adverb, and verb isn’t required, because it’s not a title!

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:

Emma :wink:


Hey, guys! It’s time to collaborate on Episode 7, 8, And 9!

Well I’m here for an hour so I’ll help!


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So, what happened in episode 6?

They found out Emma’s having twins!

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Ok, has she had her reaction then?

Well at the end of 6, They both said “TWINS?!”

Well, they can each have their own reaction with Emma fantasizing of what she’s going to do with her new family and the father can be stressing out, thinking he’ll have to propose and worrying about his future career. Also, there should be another love interest who’s a female to celebrate pride month!

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