I need help with zoom!

@zoom on X Y to #% in S

X = a number, zoom going from side to side (left, right) higher numbers on the right while lower numbers on the left, think of it like a graph

Y = a number, zoom going up, down or down, up. Higher numbers up, lower numbers down (think of it like a graph)

#% = percentage of how much it’s zoomed in (# is a number)

S= a number (stands for seconds, can be decimals, whole numbers and 0 but not negative as seconds can’t go backwards) If no S is mentioned, the zoom will last 1 second.

You can go on directing helper, then zoom helper to control the zoom.

I have a tutorial here:


@zoom on 349 383 to 8% in 2

X = 349
Y = 383
#% = 8%

Change only the X, camera goes side to side (higher number makes it go to the right while lower number makes it go to the left)

Change only the Y, camera goes up, down or down, up (higher numbers make it go higher, lower number makes it go lower)

The #% - how much you are zoomed in (can go close up to their face)

S = make it fast or really slow (you don’t need to mention “in S” but if you don’t, as mentioned above, the zoom lasts 1 second)

My tutorial on zooms: