I need help with zooming and speech

Can someone tell me the codes to zoom and the words go with it?

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Do you mean zoom in while a character is talking?

Instead of @zoom on xx xx to xxx% in (time) use &zoom on xx xx to xxx% in (time)

If you mean how to zoom while a character is talking:

&zoom command
CHAR (animation)
Words go here.

Replace &zoom command with your zoom spot. Replace CHAR with the name of the character that’s speaking and replace (animation) with the animation you’re using. Replace Words go here with the character’s dialogue.

You can see that the ampersand (&) symbol was used instead of the @ symbol. You can use the ampersand (&) for scripting two or more commands at the same time as the @ symbol can only do one command at a time. For more information: https://www.dara-amarie.com/script-symbols-commands

I hope this helped! If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask! :heart:

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