I need help writer portal i dont understand

I need help on write portal i need help write my story on write portal need help on Art suggest. I need help on writing my story to.iam have hard time writing portal I try .need some one go on writing portal .for me.

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So what exactly do you need help with, in writer’s portal?

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I try to write a story a about that love christian and girl. And be get errors on it so hard and try writing more other story .to I try so hard work on than .but I don’t what else to do.

What are the errors you are getting?

I try so hard I don’t understand how to write a story how it go I am use to write stories on doc

Try looking at Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube


The difference between say a document and here is that it isn’t just what you write, you have to add coding, like spot direction, camera zooms. Have you looked at any of the tutorial videos?

Yes I did watch YouTube. It was ready hard for me some I got errors on them

Can you take screenshot of your script? It would be easy for us to help you


Ok I can try to help you, firstly are you using, INK or limelight?

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Yes can do that for you

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I think such use lime light but there are three of than

How can write a story on it I try so hard on it .

do you have a computer or laptop? it’ll be easier that way when on the writers portal.

So do you need help with Character Customization?

I have a laptop

Write portal

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Write portals