I need help writer portal i dont understand

Some time I don’t how write it I am mass up on it need some show me how need writing it .I am try to .which doc that need go to.

maybe you should use the laptop? it’s easier to see and look at your story.

I have a laptop it much easier have hard time on writing portal…should come to everyone on first on get help someone could guide me on it.

I will just what I am writing on there do think give the name on it for you so can get more up standard. Can we do one at time…

Do you think be better to give you the name one at time about my story can you help to better and get codes. How need writing the story.

I can send you a link of how to do the customization, all you need to do is copy and paste it, the link has instructions on what to do as well

I am not sure what you are asking for, do you need help with the coding and customization or what to write in your story, I can help with the English if that is the case but if it is for other things, you need to be specific in what you need.

Yes can you with English

Sure definitely, now you only showed us a screen shot of the customization. Have you written the story yet?

Charter sitting that on writing portal.

No I have i try to write my about rose .

Ok tell me what the story is about, what are you writing about?

And I have more other name to I try get my error to

what is the error?

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I have story about christian love Charlotte met christian the club she very petty girl at club .christian is good look man. They use to go on date together but christian cheap on Charlotte. Met Rose at school Charlotte was very upset with Christian was a player from school. Christian should hurt feel they was love

Ok so it is set at school

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I for got put in school

That can help me how you write the code @rose