I Need Help Writing A Bisexual LI

So I am learning more about bisexuality, meaning is a romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or to more than one gender.

So I am writing my very first LI as Bisexual, because he had a past love which is a woman, and they both didn’t have a good relationship with each other, so he moves off from his previous relationship, and later meets my MC who is Gay, and he also had a previous relationship but it didn’t end well. Both, the MC and LI, are a bit in common between their previous relationships. Like ups, and downs. Like, lack of communication, personality differences, lack of time spent together, etc.

It’s kinda hard trying to think of two characters who are the antagonists, and both are the MC and LI, exes. Like the idea just came to mind, and I wondered if there are any stories with the MC and LI, exes. If that make sense? So, I wanted to try it out.

Also, this is my very first time writing a Bisexual character. So, please, in the comments, drop down things I should do, and not do when writing a bisexual character. This story is set in fantasy. So, I am trying to learn more, and understanding bisexuality.

Also, when I wrote my stories A Prince’s Curse, and FT: His Nightingale, both are gay romance stories, and both have received a good amount of feedback, and I still want to avoid stereotypes. Because I got inspiration from shows, and comics, that do not fetishize gay romance or homosexuality. because I know there is a lot, that does, and I’m avoiding it.

I mainly read gay stories that focus more on the plot, then their sexuality comes in, along adding drama, comedy, etc. And I am writing a new story called The Traveler.

So, yeah, I feel very nervous lol. But hey, it’s all in learning and understanding. So, let’s talk!


just be careful to avoid the bisexual stereotypes of being super flirty - it can be harmful especially when done incorrectly.

There’s a very common bisexual experience where many people are shamed for being with both genders in past relationships from their partner because they think it’s unfaithful of disloyal.

as long as your mc is trustful and supportive it should go well! your stories are great, I think you can execute this flawlessly!


lol trust me, I don’t make my characters flirty flirty flirty, I stick to their uhh what’s a good word. Um, well being themselves. If that makes sense. Not the flirty type. I like to make my characters have a slow-burn kind of romance. The first meeting, then getting to know each other a bit, etc. I never write flirty characters, ever. Like I haven’t before. XDDD

So, thank you so much! Finally, someone replied! If there are any more dos, and don’ts, let me know! I’ll also need beta readers soon, I’ll keep everyone updated.

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awesome! good luck!!

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Thanks and I hope I’m not late. Happy Bday! :birthday: :100: :fire: :confetti_ball: :tada:

thank you!!

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hii i’m a bisexual who is currently writing a bisexual mc in my upcoming story! i am willing you give you as much tips as i can think of

treat the character like every other character in the story, don’t make other characters in the story treat them any differently than how they would treat a straight character.
give the character a purpose. don’t just have the character be bisexual to add diversity to your story, make them have goals like every other character in the story. don’t just make them the lgbtq one, cause being lgbtq+ is barely even a half of who a person is.
sure the character is bi but please do not make it all they talk about. this may sound bizarre but ive actually seen this in stories before and it makes me mad. the character does not need to mention every few scenes that they are bisexual, they can bring it up when it’s necessary. like for example if the topic is being talked about or the character is being introduced.

don’t use slurs, and no derogatory terms. this should be common sense, but please do not add anything offensive in your story directed to that character specifically because they are bisexual.
any stereotypes like how bisexual people are not loyal, are narcissistic and untrustworthy, and are attracted to every women or man they come across this is completely false, i am not saying there aren’t bisexual people out there who act like this there 100% are. but not all of them act like this, just because a character is attracted to two or more genders does not mean they are not loyal to their partners. and bisexual people have a preference as well, they don’t just fall head over heels the second they see someone.

bisexual people can have a preferred gender or they can also like them equally. like for me i have a preference to men but will still be with a women. and some do not have a preference and that is also valid! there is no exact way to write an lgbtq+ character. if you don’t have anything that can be seen as offensive in your story then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, and if you are not sure if it is offensive or not i am willing to help you out if you need it! good luck on your story <3


Thank you!!! :100:

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A lot of biphobia is the erasure of the individual’s identity, including the internalized biphobia cycle of “I like a man/woman so I must be straight and faking it. No wait, I like a man/woman so I must actually be gay and have internalized homophobia.” For bi women, it’s more common for us to feel the need to overemphasize our attraction to women to avoid being perceived as a spicy straight. For bi men, it’s more common for them to be perceived as gay and half-way out of the closet. Even within the LGBT+ community these stereotypes prevail. Unless you want to portray biphobia, it’s best to let your character be confident in their identity as bisexual and let others respect that. Regardless of how much they participate in queer culture or fit society’s idea of what it means to be LGBT+, they are not part gay part straight, but 100% bi.


Awesome! Ty :100::sunglasses:

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ofc! if you have any questions you are always welcome to pm me at anytime :blob_hearts:

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I will, thanks a lot for your help! :blush:


There’s a lot of stereotypes and one that I’ve encountered most often is being told I’m “just being greedy” because I have been with both men and women in my lifetime. I’ve been told by a lesbian that I should “pick a side” as if my sexuality isn’t a valid one.

Not every bi-person is overtly flirty with everyone. We all have standards even if some peoples are lower than others.

Look, as a bi person I can tell you that if you treat your fem/male male/male relationships equally, you’ll realize that our relationships are the same-- the only thing that’s really different is the gender of the person we’re with. Our relationships with either gender are built on acceptance, trust, love and friendship.

The gender isn’t what matters to us, it’s love. We love women and we love men. :slight_smile:


well said!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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