I need help writing a story. HELP!

I’m writing a story and I don’t know what I want it to be about. I need help creating a storyline. I want to to be something Drama or fantasy with some romance. Please help!!

Maybe make a vampire story

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MC is a monster hunter who destroys creatures that are evil and she has super strength as well as super speed :slight_smile:
Can also include the option for a male MC.


I’ll make a quick plot twist for you!
There’s that girl named Ashley , she’s popular
-what , what do you mean popular all drama stories start with the mc being unpopular?
What I mean is that the opossite happens. The beautiful rich guy falls in love with the rude sassy and bad unpopular girl and . She comes between them and the boy is falling for her and boom Ashley’s ex is coming back and he’s ready to get her back. They boys fight over her she gets to choose and then the exes get together and uncovers the loving couple’s darkest secrets. (Ashley can have a little daughter that’s her secret , now the guy might have a crazy wife which she refuses to divorce with him) the couple is having a few problems bla bla bla :joy: and then they finally are done with all the drama they get married and have 2 or 3 kids and then you can continue by writing a story about the kids’ lifes when they become teenagers and do kind of the same thing with a bit changed storyline :slight_smile: :joy: average teenage drama a little bit twisted :joy:


Thanks for the idea!! Will definitely put into consideration :grin:

Thank you!!


You could possibly do a story like this. So there is this boy called Noah but he’s really closed off and guarded so know talks to him because he always pushes them away. There’s this girl however called Jaycee and she ignores what everyone says and starts hanging out with the boy, much to his annoyance. However slowly but surely, he starts warming up to her and eventually they fall in love. I wrote this story on Wattpad and then deleted it.

Your description could be something like this (although this is quite long)

When (NAME) starts hanging out with Noah, the extremely guarded bad boy, sparks fly when he starts warming up to her and eventually falls in love.

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Thank you I will put this great idea into consideration :grin:

How’s it going? :revolving_hearts:

I can help you. (PM me if still needed)