I need help writing a story plz

The story is called Lost Love. I’m not a very creative person but I am trying. So if you think you are creative enough plz help me😭

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It’s all about your imagination and where it can take you. Here are some key stages of story writing for me:

  • Decide what genre first of all. Romance, drama, fantasy? That can help with deciding a storyline
  • Get inspired. What do you like the most about your favourite tv show? Obviously don’t copy it but it’s good to recognise some key features of the story line.
  • Base your characters off real life people. A story is dull if all your characters have the same type of personality. What do you like/dislike about your best friend? Mother? Sister? All of these can help build a strong story.
  • Decide how much of a say your readers get in the plot. Do you want lots of meaningful choices or only a few? If there’s lots of choices, do your research about the point system and remembering choices, otherwise readers can get annoyed that their choices didn’t matter.
  • What makes your story different from other stories? What are you bringing to the app that other authors not done? If you want more reads, it’s good to consider what makes your story stand out from the rest.
  • Take suggestions if you can’t think of a story. Do some polls on the forums or on Instagram to see what type of stuff your readers want. Don’t base your entire story off other people’s ideas though, you want to bring your own twist to it.

Sorry for the massive essay thing but I hope this helped!


Thank you so much and Iss okay about the essay :joy:

How do I make a story… Plz respond

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You go on the Episode Interactive Website.
Log In.
Pick Limelight or Ink
And take it from there, I’ll get you some helpful vids and templates.