I need help writing an Asian MC

I’m planning to write an Asian MC for my SWY story, and I’m not Asian myself so I need help with it.

More context on the character:

  • He’s a trans man
  • Korean family but was born and raised in North America

Thanks in advance for helping me write this character


I can help im Asian​:black_heart::black_heart:


Hi! I’m Asian and was raised in North America. I would say that your character should have the culture of the place they’re in/ grew up in, but maybe still celebrate Korean holidays? It definitely depends on how many generations of his family were raised in North America. They probably have good English, but speak Korean at home.
HOWEVER, don’t take my word for it. I am 98% Chinese and only 2% Korean, and Asian countries vary hugely. I’m just stating from my personal experience, which will likely differ from a Korean person’s

K bye!


Thank you so much, I appreciate the help


NP! I’m happy to help. Just make sure you stay away from Asian stereotypes. :slight_smile:


I agree 100% with this. There’s an Asian thread if you have more questions. Let me find the link.


Do you have Instagram? You should check out pinkmantaray. He’s a trans half Korean in NA with a vocal platform about what its like to be trans and Asian and just LGBTQ rights in general.

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thanks for the help

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