I need help writing my story

Would like some help on how to write my story, a line or two it’s just too confusing

I can maybe help. What do you need?

Thank You, I need help with how to let the readers customize the characters. Also, how to write in general I’m still trying to write my first chapter. I’m confused on how to use my bubbles and how do you put your backgrounds in your story?

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For speech bubbles it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it! You just put the character’s name and the action, and then whatever they’re saying:

RACHEL (talk_happy)

Like that. Also, if you want it to be a thought bubble, you put parentheses around it:

RACHEL (think_rubchin)

And lastly, for narration bubbles it’s pretty easy, just put narrator as the character name but this time don’t put an action:

welcome to this story.

And if you want a specific character to be narrating it, then you put their name in parentheses and when you read the story, their name will show up instead of narrator:

Welcome to this story.

As for the backgrounds, do you mean the backgrounds that are already there from episode, or do you mean your own custom backgrounds?

Also, for the customisation thing, just go here and follow the steps carefully otherwise it won’t work :slight_smile:


Thank You so much I appreciate it! I will try to do this and let you know if it worked for me. Also, if I already wrote my story but I don’t know how to write it in episode way, for example, how to begin my story I want to say some like a quote “Living in a city that never sleeps” and of course more how do I write that?

Okay :grinning: as for this part I copied and paste this, I’m not sure if this is the exact one I did and it said I had errors but I don’t know why it did if I copied and paste.

what does the error say? Also, for the quote thing, you could either have the narrator say it, or you could have the quote on a background (but it’s a lot more confusing to put it on a background)

also were you asking how to use the backgrounds that episode already has, or were you asking how to upload your own backgrounds?

The link you gave me it tells me to highlight does that mean type in? Like do I suppose to type in what it’s telling me on that part

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Also, do I copy and paste all 6 of them of the females and then the male templates? Or do I pick one template I want and copy and paste them?

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How many characters do you want the reader to customise?

For the my first chapter I want to do just do the main characters first I have five

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Alrighty, so what you wanna do is use one template for each character. So, template one for the first character, template two for the second character, etc. then, for what you asked about earlier, you copy the entire template into your script. Then, use your cursor to highlight the “femaleavatar” or “maleavatar”. Once you highlight it, press ctrl + f on your keyboard and a grey box will pop up. in the grey box you will need to press ALL. This basically highlights all the “femaleavatar”s (or male) and then press backspace. Type in the character name in all caps that you want the template to be customising. after you type it in, I believe there’s a “done” button… if not then press enter. And then you’re done. Do this for each template

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Okay I will try this now and let you know if it worked out for me. In order for me to begin my chapter should I customize first then after start my intro chapter or just start my writing after the customizing in the first chapter?

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It should all be in the first episode because people don’t want to waste one pass on just customisation.

So you should do a little intro like have the narrator say the title, and then like “episode 1- ” and give the episode a name based on what happens. Then after that say something along the lines of “before we begin the story, you need to customise some characters.” And then that’s where the customisations should be. Or you can do it any way you want :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you! I copied and paste one template so far and I got an error

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I think you have to replace the “femaleavatar”s with the character’s name…? I don’t really know because I’ve never seen that error before

Oh okay do I @ then put the name?

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