I need help writing my story

no, just do what I said above, and it should work :slight_smile:


Okay I just did that and that error went away for that one!

Okay good! :heart:

Anything else you need help with…? :two_hearts:

Not right now I will be back tomorrow and let you know if I need anymore help! Thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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No problem! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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How do I put my backgrounds, speech bubbles in? I fixed my customization problem

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speech bubbles? I’m confused I thought I already helped with that… :slight_smile:
For backgrounds just go to the episode portal and there’s an art section and just copy the name of the background, and paste it in your script :slight_smile:

Okay thanks! Yeah I did asked but i didn’t know where to place them

you don’t know how to place speech bubbles? I’m not exactly sure what you mean… sorry I’m retarded :joy:

lol I could just put them in the story where ever I want

You can size them or place them whenever you want :slight_smile:

Here’s how:


Thank you I’m still confused but I will try this out :blush:

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How do I delete this account?

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Honestly… I have no idea lol