I need help! :(

I don’t know what else to do, I emailed Episode but I have to wait for them to email me back and I tried reinstalling episode on my phone but that didn’t help. Basically, I’ve been trying to create a profile on episode but there is a problem. When I click the 3 lines on the left there are only two sections I can click on. Settings and Home. When I go to settings I click on log in even though I don’t have an account and try using my email but it never works. But that is obvious because I don’t have and account but at the same time there is no section I can click on to create one. I tried reinstalling the app multiple times but it’s the same thing. It also says that the app is up to date but im not able to see some of the newest stories that have came out. I hope you guys are able to help me because I don’t know what to do.

Well I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have an account to create a profile. Maybe the problem is that you need to set up an account.

heres something I found:

This is a known issue when attempting to restore an account that was previously played on a different cross-platform device. For example, if you previously played on an Android device, then attempted to log in to your account on an iOS device, this will result in this error message displaying.

This is because Episode Profiles (Mobile Creator, Profile, Writer’s Portal) are now linked to Episode Accounts (in-app reading history, Passes, and Gems).

Now, when you log in to your email address to access features such as Mobile Creator, this will also log you in to your Episode app account.

If you wish to use your Mobile Creator profile on a new device that is of a different platform (ie: iOS > Android, or Android > iOS), please submit a support ticket so that we can assist you with linking your email to your new Episode app account. This will allow you to continue editing your custom-made user stories on your new device.

When submitting a support ticket, please provide your email address for your Episode Profile, and your new Support ID found in the Settings menu of your app.

I saw your issue and went to the website and looked at other issues. I don’t know if its the exact same thing but it is similar. Hope it helps.

That’s the thing, I set up a new account to create a new profile but there is no section to create a profile on the app, just home and settings and I don’t know how to fix it.

This is all i’m able to see, and I tried reinstalling the app but it’s the same thing. I’m still waiting to get an email back from Episode hoping they can help me.

Is your phone up-to-date?

Yeah, I double checked.

OH! When you get to that part just tap the settings button for it to go away

Nothing happened, it just stayed the same. :disappointed:

Maybe your screen gets frozen there or something or you aren’t tapping the right button, try tapping the upper left corner a few times