I need help! ☺️

I need help with plots and twists! Can someone help me?

If you need any info, ask me,

I’ve got some ideas but not a lot.


Sure! Tell me a bit about your story.

Okay, so the story is called droid.

Brief description: Mc applies to work for a droid company and the boss kidnaps her and turns her into a droid. She finally escapes imprisonment and then she’s on the run. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world so the boss gets everyone looking for her. When she escapes (idk where to) she finds another person just like her which is her love interest.

That’s all I’ve got so far.

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I personally think what you’ve got so far is pretty good! Maybe she could meet the LI at some old motel or something where she thinks it’s safe to spend the night.


Yeah! That’s great. Thank you. Also how do you think they should meet? Like she’s getting a snack late at night from the vending machine?

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Ohh why was he in the motel? Maybe he isn’t that wealthy himself. Does he recognize her from the messages spread ‘bout her? Things we can ask hahah

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True! Thank you!

Maybe because he’s a droid himself and he’s seen the news he warns her but she’s scared to go alone so they go on the run together? Idk

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Ohh that’s so good! I think not disclosing that he is one himself and only giving hints in the beginning could be cool tho

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Yeah! Like he wears makeup to hide his skin and puts contacts in or something

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You’re so creative I love this ahah

Awe! Thank you!

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I’m stuck trying to think of things they encounter while on the run though.

Yes, that is a great idea!

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@Sydney_H can you close this thread please? Thank you!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: