I need help ☹️🤕

I need help editing something out from a background I can’t seem to do it myself.

Anyone interested in helping me out? Please and thank you!

Also it isn’t anything major, I hope :innocent:.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section

Please :pleading_face:


Please :pensive:

what are you trying to edit out?


@Youngbl00d it’s an episode background.

The quality isn’t good, but I’ll send the right one after my phone charges up.

For now


I just want the words edited out and have a new name.

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I can help with that if you’re still in need

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Ooh i can do it too :clown_face: but @Youngbl00d replied first sooo i will not :see_no_evil:


@AmeliClemonte and @DivCp thank you so much for the help!

But @Youngbl00d replied first, therefore I’ll wait until she replies. I’ll let you know if I still need help!

Again thank you!

:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Okay :smile:

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Lol no need to thank me :clown_face: i didnt do anything-

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Lol - nah but you answered tho!

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Lol thanks for waiting. I actually had en edited version of this but ill let you decide if you liked (seeing as it was old and might be bad) you can choose if you’d use it or I can try again sorry for the bad quality :see_no_evil:

Stop it! It tickles when you click me!

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Jaja - don’t worry.

It’s better then what I can do.

Hm - I don’t want to be mean :pleading_face: but can you do it again?

And the quality isn’t bad!

Also if it isn’t any trouble can you do the night version as well? If not that’s fine!

Yeah, I was already fixing it anyway :see_no_evil:. I can try making a night version of it too.

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Thank you so much!

You’re the best!

Can you pm me though with the backgrounds? Ofc when you’re done!

I don’t want to overload this thread!


Sure thing

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@Nick or @Sydney_H can one you guys please close down this thread?

Thank you

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You got it @aze_nieve :v: