I need honest opinions // Characters appearance

Someone said that a character that I created is ugly. I don’t mind her opinion because she can think whatever she wants, but do you pay attention to this? Would you say “no, I’m not going to read this story because the MC/LI is ugly”?

My stories have full CC and I try to create “unique” characters that have distinctive features, there are so many stories in Episode and it’s hard to create characters that are different than others on the platform.

(I will put photos of 3 characters for you to have an example)

Some of you may find their features common but I try to adapt to the beauty standard and make them “unique” at the same time (which is difficult). I only do this because I don’t want people to read my stories and leave because they don’t like the MC, LI, or secondary characters’ appearance. Please let me know your opinions, just be honest.

I think this is like the cover of the stories, people care a lot and it’s just reality :((


please do not worry about other peoples opinions on your characters, especially if you’re allowing the readers to have full cc. remember that YOU are the author of the story and YOU have the ability to create your characters & story however you want.

don’t try to change your characters just because one person doesn’t like the way they look. honestly, you shouldn’t even have to explain yourself to them in the first place.

if we all focused on other people’s opinions and trying to impress them, we’d get nowhere in life. so please have your characters look the way you want them to look. they don’t even look ugly by the way, they just might’ve not been that persons beauty standard. but let’s not forget that these are pixels at the end of the day lol and if that person won’t read your story just because the characters are “ugly”, they’re not reading for the right reasons anyway. (:


thank you for your opinion :pleading_face:

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Obviously there will be a few people who will tell you differently but i think a majority of the episode community really enjoys the diversity in characters and above all its your story, you decide what you would like in it :yellow_heart:


Thank you :(( I guess she likes certain types of characters and it’s best to work with someone different

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Exactly, personally I’d prefer to read your story to one where characters all look the same (:


I also have the fear of copying another author

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So it’s better to have “ugly” characters I guess ksaj :((

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There are only so many story ideas out there so eventually there are bound to be similar stories, write however you would like (:

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I say F&ck them. A good story has diverse character personality, unique storyline and memorable moments. It doesn’t matter if they have a donkey for a face and duck legs. We all have our own perceptions of beauty if you like them then it doesn’t matter what they think. Btw they are all beautiful don’t let others bring you down. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like how all three of them look so inconventional, they’re not those basic characters you see all the time! They’re all gorgeous!! I’m personally not a fan of the hairstyle that the first character has, but that is just my preference :slight_smile: <333


I want to say something about this. You are an amazing and wonderful person for trying to adapt the beauty standards to more diverse characters. Unless it’s their role to look pretty according to society’s tight standards then they shouldn’t be a copycat of every story that has the same looks for their MC and love interest.

Your characters are beyond pretty and I love how diverse the cast you are showing us is.

If there is full CC, why do readers care about the original looks? Yes, there might be art scenes here and there but honestly, if I find the MC ugly I toggle their features a bit and I don’t change the authors original idea a lot. If someone cannot understand that they can do that, why bother even reading a story with art scenes?

In life, no one is perfect. No one is ugly either. I find it amazing and fascinating how you try to keep traditional looks and ideas in your story’s characters. It gives you as an author, your story and the Episode Community as well a more diverse and flexible-standards idea and that’s wondeful. Don’t ever try to make your MC and LI seem perfect just to please the readers’ eyes.

And in all honesty, your characters are not ugly, at all. They are all pretty and have unique, diverse looks. Love them.


Thank you all for responding. A while ago I asked about the importance of covers and most people responded that they care about that, so I assume that it will be the same with this.

I appreciate your opinions, I wish that my stories attract people like you that understand that beauty is subjective and I try to focus more on the complexity and character development of the three beautiful ladies that I showed you (I find them stunning and unique in their own way).

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I personally don’t see anything wrong with the characters’ appearances. Not sure why anyone would say they’re ugly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I really love the first one.

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It’s ok to find them “ugly” but I was afraid that people wouldn’t read the story just because a character is unattractive to them

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