I need honest opinions on my story

I’ve only wrote 3 chapters so far but I’d really love to constructive criticism on my story and how I could improve. Or just general feedback.

This is what it’s all about:
It is about a a notorious British Gang set in the early 20th century and will contain a series of plots a twists

Description: Ada Payton leads the Gnarly stripers, A gang set in 1920 London. After letting power get to her head. She soon realises the danger she has put herself and the people around her In.

This is the cover:


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I’ve actually have read that story a week or two ago I think and didn’t find anything wrong with it so…


I only had time time to read the first episode, and it’s not that bad :blush:

Just a few, minor suggestions:

  1. Look at speechbubble placements, make sure they’re facing towards the person speaking and not too high or low on the screen
  2. When you zoom on a character, like in the first episode where Lila ( I think that was her name :sweat_smile:) was talking, the top of her head wasn’t shown
  3. Also, when someone addresses a character, put a comma before their name. For example, “Of course, Mr. Parker.”

Other than those nit-picks, it’s good! :smiley:

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Ah thank you! Yes I was already told about the first one and have started to do that with the other episodes. I will go back and edit the first episode.

  • and the other two, I’ll have a look into that, it might’ve been the way I’ve zoomed in.
    But anyways thank you :slight_smile:

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