I need honest opinions


I need honest opinions I can take criticism so I can know what to do better.

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And help me and tell what I can/need to do better. Since these are my first 2 outlines.


Your lines are not straight,there are gaps throughout the outline…make sure you are taking your time. The outlines look a little messy!
But overall that’s a great start!


Do you use ibis?




Thanks :grin:


Ofc…pm when you do another outline…I would be glad to give feedback again!


Use dip pen hard, make the lines smaller use a stabilizer!


Like @Aerial_author said, there are a few gaps and not all the lines are straight, it is a great start! I can’t wait to see when you’ve improved! Btw, if you’re using IbisPaint x, maybe use the stabilizer! It helps so much.


Okay thanks




Hey!! I do character edits too and when I make outline of them they sometimes come out like that and I found out that it’s nit because you have a really unsteady hand but actually because the picture is too small, if you get PicsArt you can edit the picture you would be outlining then I would suggest to make it more than 1000 height and width!! Other than that small easy fix great job!


Yes, I’d also suggest having the canvas size 1000 x 1000, it helps a lot when the picture/ line width is bigger. :heart:


I’ve had some problems when I do edits that the picture I am editing is like 459x500 and I think that is happening to you too! :grin:


Okay thanks