I need honest reviews about my story (LL)

Hi everyone! I just recently got my cover made and finished the script for my first episode and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a review on it. The only problem is, it is not published, but I’ll do anything to get you to review it. Here are the details:

Title: Common Ground

Book Cover

Description: Your best friends were all that you needed in life. That was, until a certain boy comes into your life. As secrets and lies start to come forth, you wonder if it’s really worth it.

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Hi there, happy to help you out.
I think that for your cover page, the words COMMON GROUND are not very seeable, if you do that on power point like I have, you can try and put a shadow or an outline on the words that way you can see them much better.
As for your description, you have me hooked.

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Thanks so much! I haven’t been as active as I want to with AP and Dual Enrollment. But thanks!

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Outline common ground with either black or white outline…so to make it more clearer… or put a rectangle banner behind it…like a white or other colour to make the title Pop like that.

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ohhh is the main character black :yum::yum:?

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