I Need Ideas For A Gift

I need ideas for the MC who’s going to buy a gift for his wife and kid, what should be a good gift? Oh, and this for a baby shower.

What time period is this? Maybe a custom made blanket or handkerchief could work?

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17th & 18 Century.

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But mainly 1700s.

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I’d say probably a book or blanket/handkerchief tbh.

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not a book unleash they are rich.despite people going to school where they learn to read most never read anything but the bible. books where expensive and didnt become affordible for poor or just ordinary people before the late 1800 early 1900

The character could steal the book or could get a book as a gift from someone in a form of payment.

You can send flowers on their own or with other gifts to make the receiver feel even more special. Gifting chocolates, candles, cakes, and gift baskets to your loved ones is a terrific idea. You may even send flowers online dubai it as a surprise gift by attaching a flower bouquet to any form of gift.

A sleep sack (it’s got sleeves like a onesie would have, but the bottom is shaped like a sack and sewn shut),
Cloth diapers.
Flowers or a nursing blanket?

Baby showers weren’t super common and were usually hand-me-downs from family and friends.

You could also do a wooden crib?