I need ideas for my episode story

I am currently writing an episode story. I’ve been writing for about 4 months now. So basically I have kind of run out of inspiration even though I’m only on the 10th chapter. I would love it if you guys could give me some ideas. You can also read the story if you feel that would help.

I will give some context:

So my story is called Twin Temptation (it used to be called Twin Trouble In Paradise but I decided to change it, also my story covers have the old name so if you read the story don’t be confused because I’m waiting on my new covers with the correct name to be reviewed) I’ll actually attach the covers below:

The story is romance.

Description: When you’re forced to love with two completely different but hot twins, will you keep your cool, or will you cave into their charms?

I’ll give you a rough run-down of what happens. The mc gets put up for adoption by her abusive mother and has to live with twins and their single father. She also gets an unknown number who threatens her. The bad boy twin (Bradyn) hates her at first and the good boy twin (Payton) likes her. So she goes to school and such and this girl called Melanie hates her because she’s cliche mean girl but the school gets burned down. Melanie blackmails Bradyn into being her boyfriend otherwise she will tell his secret.

When the school is fixed, the MC meets the third love interest (Hunter) but hunter doesn’t want anyone to know his name. (All will be explained) He also used to be Bradyns best friend back in LA. They are no longer friends because Bradyn had done something to upset Hunter. (Stay with me) The love between the 3 love interests blossom for a few episodes and then Melanie reveals to the MC that she knows a dark secret about the twins and the father.

The single father and Bradyn and Payton used to live in LA but their mother got sick with cancer. At the time they had no money to help her so they had to become part of a drug selling business to get money. They usually had to shoot a few people too. They did not want to do this as Bradyn and Payton were still young teenagers but they had to in order to help their mother. One of the people they shot happened to be Hunter’s cousin and Bradyns first girlfriend.

They were forced to do this in exchange for a large sum of money in which they had no choice but to partake in it. This is why hunter hates him and why Bradyn is such a bad boy, he had to shoot the girl he loved. And his mother also died because They did all this for nothing as the mother still ended up dying from cancer as they couldn’t make enough money in time for treatment.

Bradyn and his family moved away to Australia to get away from cops. When hunter comes back, he acts like he just wants answers but there’s another reason. MC freaks out and goes to hunter for consolation but then overhears his phone call with his boss, confirming that Hunter is actually 2 years older than the rest of the students and was enrolled in the school as an undercover cop. (this is why hunter didn’t want anyone knowing his real name)

He wanted to get revenge on Bradyn and his family by becoming a main leader in the case. (Keep in mind the family was still wanted for attempted murder and drug sales) so he came to Australia to catch them out. MC runs away from home and everybody freaks out. she receives message from the unknown number revealing herself as the MC’s best friend who was in love with her. She reveals that she only threatened MC to stay away from the twins because she was jealous.

Would you read this story? Please give feedback on what could happen or let me know if you think there’s a plot hole in the story or if it could be improved.
Sorry that was so long but I felt like I had to explain it for it to make sense.
What happens next! I am stuck, could anyone help?

Awww thanks :grin::heart:

Yay! Thanks so much :blush::grin::grin:

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