I need ideas for my story

if anyone has read all seven chapters of The Star Necklace I would appreciate any suggestions for the next chapters

Summary of the story: There is a grandma that hates girls and one of the little girls run away and get adopted by a family that can’t have kids after the little girl grow up she meets with her biological brother …and the this girl has a boyfriend…but she isn’t aware of her biological brother trying to fall for her…I am open to any ideas

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maybe the brother sees her relationship with her boyfriend and the brother will do ANYTHING to get rid of him so he hires someone to get the dirt on her boyfriend and the person he hires gets the info and texts him however little does the brother knows, that there will be more obstacles in his way and his only hope to get rid of the obstacles is to kill, drown and do anything for his sister but at the end he gets arrested because he did wrong and becauses thats incest

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