I need ideas for my storyline!


I just started a story and my main idea is a spin off pretty little liars and season 2 of riverdale. I want it to be a murder mystery/romance/comedy if that makes sense. If you’ve watched these shows you probably know what I am going for. I had an idea that the characters get mysterious (anonymous) notes when they get the roles in their school play. I don’t know which play yet but I am open to any suggestions. I also want one of the characters (the popular girl) to have a huge secret that will make a big impact in the story. Overall my ideas are all over the place and I need some fresh ideas to add to it. Thanks!


How about the play be: Hamlet by Shakespeare


I want something to have to do with my story, that sort of ties it in. for example i think the phantom of the opera is a good idea. But there needs to be a purpose/motive for the girls to be receiving the messages/letters, and i don’t know how i should do that.


Sorry I can’t help you there.


PM me I can so help


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