I need ideas from the community!

Hello guys I need someone like a coder to help my story for the first episode.

A teenage girl Named Rain and she’s on an adventure…She loves stealing good merchandise and paintings During one of the days of high school she met this guy and they became enimies to friends with benefits and then to boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of them steal vaulable merchandise until one day they both had gotten caught…after a few years they started to forget each other. Until the day they were released from Prison…
Will Rain remember her true love?
Or will she Forget!

I need someone to help me with organizing the episodes and giving me some ideas for each episode.

Tag anyone interested!

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I SO need to read this it sounds so good! Please let me know when it is ready to be read. :slight_smile:


Ok I am waiting on a couple of backgrounds!


Hey I can help you if you want, I like writing Episode Stories, I have 2 Stories up if you want to check, my first one is not the best, but I’m really happy with my second one! I can help you with as much as I can!

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Can I read the second one?!

Of course! The first episodes might seem patchy, but is slowly getting where I want it

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I am going to start reading it!

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I love for you to help me!

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And I can’t wait to start!

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We might be able to start tomorrow afternoon?



@Jeremy hun can ya close this thread muah!

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