I need ideas! help a girl out [POLL]

I’m sorry if this is the wrong topic.

This is the description: a group of single celebrities are brought to an island to find love, having no luck in the outside world. They have to balance their love life and survival on the island, facing different challenges and getting to know each other better. at the end, the viewers’ favourite couples will be crowned winners of the game

here’s a poll for the titles

  • Island of Elimination
  • Celebrity Survival
  • Survival of the Hottest
  • Danger Island

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Thanks for your help

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come on guys help me out here :((

i gonna search some ideas for the name of the story but for the goal maybe it can be like : to survive for 1 month on a island . for what the contestants do on the show they can search log and stick to make a fire and search foods etc etc

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thank you! i had a similar idea myself! i’m still open to any more ideas though :heart:

no problem im glad to help ! :smile:

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That’s a really good idea! @AnonymousAuthor1 if you’ve seen the Dolan Twins’ survival challenge, I think something like that would be awesome.

Sounds a lot like Galactic Game by Lucky.

Here are my ideas:

Name of the story: Depends. We still haven’t figured out what’s gonna happen. I would base it off of the goal and where it happens.
What contestants go on the show: I’m not sure what you mean by that? Like do you want me to create chars, crate names?
What is the goal: Money?
Do you want credit for the idea: when we figure it out together sure.

Lol, I’m not sure if this helped. Maybe PM me and help explain/elaborate what you wanted. :blush:


i’m gonna start to create some character for the story and make a cover with it Something like that

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no what do they do? like do they try to survive, do they fight for love, do they compete?

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Oh my so sorry. I’ll try to come up with something

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no problem lol

i have an idea maybe in the contestants maybe we can add like a queen bee

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tell me more?

the queen bee will be like the most laziest one
here a list of things she would never do and that she will do
1-never go search for log and stick
2-never go search for some water and food
3-will ask people to search for the food , water ,logs and sticks etc
4-she will act like a boss
5-the one who relax almost all the time doing Nothing just eat and sleep and be mean to other people and etc etc

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ohhh cool.

question to everyone

throughout the show, should new contestants be added in as well as people being eliminated, like they do in the british Love Island show?


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i’m liking this progress…

so it’s a reality game show about contestants on an island and they have to survive for a month…

the prize is $500,000?

how many contestants should we start off with?

and also should there be fun little challenges throughout

yes about the challenges and for the prizes : maybe 250,000,0 or 10,000,00

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yeah, what about the amount of contestants at the start? 5 boys and 5 girls?

hmm maybe , 5 boys and 5 girls or 10 boys and 10 girls (i hope i won’t get like hours to wait for post cuz im still a new user,if i Don’t talking anymore it because i need to wait hours for post)

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