I need ideas! help a girl out [POLL]

that’s not right for her…

reply i can’t reply anymore cuz u aren’t talking
![outfit%20choice1|244x500](upload://vRXFYg57zoCJDL2cqqIrCyvOBoutfit%20choice1 hy.png)

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sorry, and thank you

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since you left and i couldn’t text you anymore cuz the forum told me that u aren’t talking so i can’t talk anymore etc etc and i wanted to give you the last outfit

i’ve made all the outfits

oh u mean for Kendall? sure, that’s cute

maybe lose the flower crown


here a meme of me
me : wake up and get breakfast
me: -i should continue the episode so i can publish it
me : looking at the forum
me: seeing someone who need help for a cover , edits etc etc
also me: I NEED TO HELP

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lol same

here the cover you will tell me what do you think , i did it all myself

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it not the cover of my story but when i said “me: see someone who need help” it the "someone who need help "cover i made it for her

oh wow it’s great


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i edited the dress too

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33 mins agos i found a secret can you found it ?