I need idea's of what to do for 800 followers


i have no freaking idea what to do for 800 folloers
it’s so hard to come up with something cause i literally get 100 followers a weekkk
i just hit 700 last weekk
i don’t do edit’s so i kinda don’t want to do outline contest cause i can’t edit for crap


First of all. HOW DO YOU GET 100 A WEEK!? Also do a giveaway. Like a follow or spam of likes


i have no idea just look on my ig it’s olivia.episode13
and i don’t even do that much on my page i mean i’m active every waking minute of my life
and idk i don’t think if i had a giveaway anybody would enter


Maybe you could do a themed contest? Like, have several rounds with you judging? Idk, just a suggestion.


what kind of theme i already hit 800 today ughhh


:woman_shrugging: there’s random generators on google for that :joy: maybe magic?


do u have a linkk


Oh I don’t know, I was just guessing, they have generators for everything. Maybe, do a random name picker, and instead of names put different kinds of themes. Magic, fantasy, mythology, action, idk. Then whichever one gets picked can be your theme


oof thxx


Lol np, What’s your Instagram?